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Tor Glass

Producing quality and custom glassware since 1992

What we do

Handmade quality glassware

Since 1992 TOR Glass has been developing and producing handmade glassware in a wide range of shapes, designs, colours and sizes. whether you are looking for a cylinder vase, a set of unique wine glasses, or custom made glass lamp bases, you can be assured that you will receive the utmost quality.

All of our glassware, clear or coloured, are mouth-blown and handmade, and we have an ongoing commitment to mastering the melting process, utilising unique technology that is more environmentally friendly and produces a higher quality of glass.

Available for wholesale purchase and already exporting to more than 15 most developed countries of the world, our expert team takes immense pride in crafting exquisite custom glassware pieces tailored to your unique preferences, and we would be delighted to turn your vision into reality.

From Ukraine, to the UK

Creators Tor Glass Ltd

Our story and process

Founded in Ukraine and developed within the last 30 years, TOR Glass was built with a the focus on the quality and originality of its products, ensuring not only the most innovative, but also the most environmentally friendly means of production.

Now with over 200 employees working in the UK and in our manufacturing facility in Poland, TOR Glass has redefined glass blowing, making a glassware piece from TOR Glass truly bespoke for our customers.

TOR Glass texture background

Tradition meets innovation.

Our Products

Creating visions in glass

Producing a range of glass artistic items, and also technical coloured glass, we specialise in glassware in a wide range of shapes, designs, colours and sizes.


Our popular ranges include decorative vases, cylinder vases, square vases, glass decanters, wine glasses and cognac glasses, but we can create custom glassware to any design so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Our Glassware is ideal for a wide variety of businesses, including DIY retail, food retail, art studios, hospitality, accommodation and home decoration stores, essentially anywhere that may require a bulk order of custom glassware products.
All of our glassware products, whether clear or coloured, are mouth-blown and handmade.


Why choose TOR Glass?


Made to order

Environmentally conscious

Over 30 years experience

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