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Our products

Mouthblown and handmade

Our products
Handmade Glassware

We offer a range of household and decorative glassware products in clear and coloured glass along with a custom glassware service.

All of our glassware, clear or coloured, are mouth-blown and handmade by skilled and experienced craftsman. Crafting glassware within our production lines is akin to an artistry that, once witnessed, captivates the heart irrevocably. The magic of fire and molten glass guided by skilled hands ensues that with each breath and fluid motion of the hand a new piece of glass artistry is created.

About our products

We offer a range of wholesale standard glassware products such as cylinder and square vases, glass tableware such as wine glasses and cognac glasses as well as more decorative glassware such as glass lamp bases, and cake stands.

We can also offer a custom glassware service, where our designers will work with you to create your vision in glass. Whatever product you require, you can be assured that you will receive the utmost quality.

Speciality Drinkware

Speciality drinkware

Like cognac and cocktail glassware


Cylinder or square vases

Wholesale standard glassware


Wholesale standard drinkware

Drinking glasses


Custom orders

Made to your taste and specifications

Utilising electric ovens for glass melting and annealing, we are committed to ensuring our practices are innovative and sustainable, and are also in the process of installing solar panels on the roofs of our factories.

All of our products are available wholesale, with a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces. Ideal for businesses in the retail, home decoration, hospitality and travel industries, we can help you to find the ideal glassware to suit your requirements.


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Glass drinkware

Decorative glassware

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